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About Us


We want to change how you think about nutrition, and that is why we are here.

When science meets nature, India's first nutrition jellies are born!

It all began in the Pandemic.

2020 was tough on everyone and that’s when we experienced the large gap between nutrition values in Indian diet versus the nutrients required by a healthy individual.

We still believe our Indian diet is holistic and great, however it could be so much more especially for the health-conscious.

One thing led to another, and it became not just our dream but our mission to provide a bridge between science, nature and nutrition!

Along the way, we realised that our ancient ayurvedic and natural ingredients had everything that modern nutrition could require. Our journey which started at Ayurveda expanded to other ancient cultures, where we found goldmine of ingredients like Korean ginseng that could change nutrition as we know it.

Hence, we found our second mission- to merge ancient wisdom and nature with science for a well-rounded, holistic nutrition that works for everyone.

Once the combination was set, we decided that a simpler and tasty way of consuming nutritional supplements would be the key to everyone loving their multivitamins.

The answer came to us a bit later, but fairly easily. We picked some of the yummiest natural flavours- strawberry, mango, orange, and apple, and blended them in an easy-to-eat and loved-by-all jelly.

1...2...3... magic happened.

We finally had the combination of nature and scientific jellies ready.

All that was left to do?

Clinical trials and expert opinions.

After a rigorous back & forth with our team of food scientists and nutritionists, we formulated the jellies, keeping in mind everyone’s needs and dietary preferences (otherwise, what would be the point of nutrition,right?)

100% Vegan, GMO, no added sugar and allergen free jellies that are super yummy, result-driven, and obviously healthy.
And that is what dream(s) are made of.

Enough about us, what's your nutrition story like?


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